Feb 23, 2017

Special Offer for Schrole Connect Users

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Is this the most engaging mathematics program ever?
I'm Sam. Here at Schrole we are always on the lookout for new ideas and innovative solutions for educators, and I'd like to share our most recent find with you. We've also been able to negotiate preferential rates especially for you.

"I love it because it is fun and my grades are getting better." Dinesh (primary student)
Built around the world-renowned Singapore Math Curriculum, Kung Fu Math is an online resource that gives students a fun environment to study in while encouraging development and interaction through game-based learning.

We certainly remember some of the earlier attempts at online learning, and we think it would be fair to say that very few had what it takes to capture students' attention or imagination. Where Kung Fu Math excels is in challenging students to earn points by completing Math tests and quizzes, and allows them to use their points to dress, train, feed and do battle with their avatars, combining study and play.

What we really like about Kung Fu Math is that from a teacher's perspective it's simple to set challenges at an ability-appropriate level and to track each student's progress through detailed reporting, making Kung Fu Math a great tool to build mathematical performance.
If you'd like to hear more about Kung Fu Math, and access preferential rates for Schrole users, contact us today on KFM@Schrole.com

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