Aug 8, 2013

[ELTeCS_PERU] ELT Masters Peru

Dear Teachers,

This mail is to greet you and to inform you that our webpage is now ready for you to register officially as a member of our National Registry of Teachers of English in Peru - ELT Masters Peru. The website is:

Please take a minute of your time to fill in the information requested.

Thanks again for your support.


Arturo Field


Report on the 3rd IATEFL PERU International  Annual Conference
The IATEFL-PERU International  Conference  2013 “UNSTOPPABLE TEACHER DEVELOPMENT: LEARNING SUCCESS”  took place at Miraflores Park Hotel , Lima on Saturday, July 13th, 2013
After a  nice welcoming  opening addressed by Carol Read, IATEFL President to whom we are really grateful, the first Plenary was delivered by Michael Carrier, Director, Strategic Partnerships at Cambridge English Language Assessment, who  brilliantly talked and made  participants digest  what was delivered and interact in his Plenary: “One-to-one digital language learning: handheld devices, Plan Ceibal and new classroom models”.Then , we had  Paul Woods, British Council's English Language Adviser for the "southern cone" of the Americas, and his great Presentation :"The ELT Crystal Ball: a glimpse into the future of language teaching and an example of where its already happening", The Plan Ceibal  which was mentioned by both Michael and Paul left us with a feeling and all the inspiration to make it happen in Peru..why not? Impossible is nothing!
Participants had their Coffee break, Book Fair, and  networking, the latter one is a key aspect in our ELT Events in the Association.
After networking, we had the ‘Karaoke and Video Time!  participants were singing, enjoying , some of them dancing..! and  also participated  in the Video Telling.
We were honored to have Vinicius Nobre, Brazil - Academic Manager Cultura Inglesa  delivering his Plenary The Road less travelled…what being a teacher means in our society and the challenges we face, a superb Presentation.
After Vini’s Presentation, we had Terry Lemanis, US - Anglo Peru  in his Presentation Using songs with young learners which really covered different levels and the how, when , why using songs, a great presentation as well!
The second Coffee break was a mixture of buying books in a very good price, tasting delicious things and meeting more teachers , talking with all the Presenters, a very nice experience indeed!!
For the closing Plenary, we had Eileen Murphy , Ireland - Open University of Catalonia and her Presentation: Continuing Professional Development: IT-for Ts, which is a key point if we are willing to develop personal and professionally effectively, excellent presentation!
Our deepest gratitude to Allan Taggart, British Council, who since the very first moment we were in touch, he kindly offered his help ,
Therefore, we could have Paul Woods with us! To Michael Carrier, who has been supporting us professionally, to Eileen Murphy , Ireland - Open University of Catalonia for having accepted to deliver a Plenary, in spite of all her duties, to Vini, Vinicius, extraordinary ELT professional from Latin America who left ‘FOOD FOR THOUGHT’ in the participants.
Regarding Publishers, our deep gratitude to ANGLO-PERU and LPB –MM, for being there with us !
To the following publishers who send presents for  the Raffle: Pearson, SBS, Innova Schools, Cambridge, LPB MM, ANGLO PERU .
Special thanks to Joanna Ruskin , Cambridge English Language Assessment-Cambridge University for going to the Conference, talk to the Audience with very good news and give two bags for the raffle, besides the very interesting books it had,  the scholarship to do TKT online for a year .It  was a great surprise .Two teachers were the fortunate winners.
To the British Council –UK for having sent material for the Raffle . our forever acknowledgment.
Just two days before July 13, we got the very good news that IATEFL-PERU had obtained 35 Basic Wider Memberships, we applied in April and we are delighted to have obtained them , which were raffled in the Conference  among the members. Million thanks to IATEFL UK!!!
In these  three years , we have gotten in-kind support regarding the Venue issue, the most difficult one, we want to publicly express our gratitude to :
Universidad de Piura: Sr Julio Valladarres , who has been very kind in assisting several times with the venue.
Thomas Malconson, Britanico General Manager, who also has been kind enough in supporting us with the Britanico Auditorioum.
RELO-ANDES –David Fay and Marcela Raffo, for their  help  ref  venue and all the hard work they are doing regarding ELT in Lima and regions.
Even though, the ELTeCS Peru Moderator  was not in Peru , but studying abroad he did get the time to pass on our Conference announcement .It says much about him . Mr Cesar Klauer, we highly appreciate it.
Deepest appreciation:
 For their time, commitment, great job  and good sense of humour to the amazing IATEFL PERU Board: Ana Villar, Janet Valdez, Cecilia Carmelino, Jacquelin Ojeda, Martha Saavedra, Yony Cardenas, Manuel Lopez , Victor Hugo Rojas, Ruben Borbor, Manuel Salas, Magaly Ruas, Norma Vecorena , Jean Garay  (and… six more members to join us)and superb  Secretary Roxana Maldonado.
To the amazing Latin American British Cultural Institutes (LABCI) Lima , Peru 2013 which was a success. Britanico has been the host this year and they did it brilliantly!
To Peru Tesol, the 21st Annual Convention  (July 31st-August 2nd) in  Tacna, which we are absolutely sure  it has been a successful one .  
Our  highly appreciation to all  IATEFL –PERU participants and the following date: July 31st! Our next Workshop and First Session of the Conversation Club!
August 7th, 2013