Dec 25, 2010


Dear friends,

May this Merry Christmas Wishes be so special

that you never ever feel lonely and be surrounded by loved ones always

in your families and in our inspirational world of English Language Teaching!

All the very best for this coming year, 2011


Dec 13, 2010

NASA: The biggest lied ever told!!!

What are the natural colors of the Moon? , do you think you know? , if you are uncertain about it, please watch this interesting documentary: MOON RISING
and give your opinion as well as for CHARIOTS OF GODS .

Thank you!!

Prof. Giovanni Gonzales

Dec 12, 2010

Mario Vargas Llosa delivers the Nobel Speech

Yesterday the Nobel Prize winner's 19-page speech first brought himself to tears, then the rest of the audience. "this is the speech," said a friend. "I have heard him talk about politics, literature, but I have never heard him give such a perfect piece

Dec 6, 2010

Something to say about: Idioms

Apart from sayings and proverbs, the English language is full of interesting expressions we call idioms, or idiomatic expressions. As we know, these idioms can be quite hard to get, since many of them can´t be interpreted literally. Take for instance: He was pulling my leg. Do you mean that somebody had actually grabbed your leg and started pulling it, as if to rip it off your body? Of course not. And How about: I have to hit the road. Hit the road?, with a hammer?

The thing is, English is such a colourful and varied language that, if we don´t pull up our socks and learn some of these idiomatic expressions, we can find ourselves between a rock and a hard place.

If you want a piece of the action, visit the following link (not the only one, of course) and browse the lists of idiomatic expressions, I´m sure it´ll make your day.

Now, the ball is in your court.