May 30, 2013

[ELTeCS_PERU] What are you missing on ELTeCS PERU at Facebook?????

Dear ELTeCS Colleagues and Friends

You may be wondering what has happened to ELTeCS PERU? You don´t get the email alerts as often as before? Has ELTeCS PERU gone to sleep? Well, no, we haven´t gone to sleep...but we are in the process of moving the activity to a better platform: Facebook. That does not mean we´ll stop sending email alerts like this one, no, BUT we´ll be using FB as the main communication medium, this email group will get alerts once a week or so and only with a brief "taster" of the activity of the period (like today´s post). So if you don´t want to miss any more great ideas and be in touch with what happens in the ELT World, log on to Facebook and find us HERE

See you!


May 13, 2013

[ELTeCS_PERU] Speaking activities

Dear All

Here´s another useful link from the British Council. Have fun!

PS: Remember we are on Facebook too: ELTeCSPERU, find us and follow us there, please...we´ll soon keep all communications going ONLY on FB, so, be ready!!!

Cesar Klauer