Apr 1, 2012

[ELTeCS_PE​RU] World Day of Education

On the World Day of Education, a commemoration proposed by UNESCO and ONU, I would like to share some reflections with my friends from the ELT community.

As we know, Education is a right for all human beings but all human beings need quality education that will allow them to acquire knowledge and to learn how to serve others.

As educators we are aware of the importance of : learning to know ourselves and our environment, learning to do things, for which we need to acquire the necessary skills; learning to live with others and develop the competences that will allow us to build peace, eradicate poverty and contribute to lasting development and international dialogue. And last but not least, there is the importance of learning to become human beings with clear principles that are willing to learn and to teach, with the humility to listen and learn and the readiness to serve. Through language education, we promote learning and life skills for young people and adults and we provide opportunities for everyone to become an active participant in the world showing coherence between our ideals and our actions. We do have a great responsibility!!!!

Maria Luisa Mu