Dec 31, 2012

[ELTeCS_PERU] Fw: Report: ELT in Peru:Where up tp now?‏

Report on the IATEFL-PERU FORUM:
It is with great pleasure that we want to share about the last IATEFL-PERU academic  event FORUM :ELT in PERU : Where up to now? which took place on December 18th at Universidad de Piura .
We started with Miss Caceda´s  Presentaction : A Snapshot on becoming an ELT teacher in Peru: Are we Replicating or Transforming our Practices? –a brilliant interactive session where the various models to educate teachers of English,a) the craft model, (b) the science model, and (c) the reflective practitioner model were revisited and there was reflection on what it is best according to our socio-cultural and economical contexts.
We continued with the FORUM,being the Panelists: Miss Norma Vecorena Minedu Consultant. Miss Marcela Raffo RELO-ANDES-U.S.A Embassy, Mr Juio Valladares,Universidad DePiura Language Centre Director, Mr VictorHugo Rojas, Univesidad Nacional de Educaci√≥n‘Enrique Guzman y Valle ‘ Teacher and Teacher Trainer , Manuel Salas, Teacher at Licenciatura Program,UNMSM.
We couldn’t be prouder of having  the above ELT professionals as Panelists in  this  important ELT issue, since we were nurtured with very interesting and challenging points of view, specially on the self –determination in improving personal and proffesionally in our field.
Then we had the questions and answers time , after that paticipants worked in teams and writing  drafts of Project Propsal, briefly ones, this was the most important part since we could se an outcome, which  will take into account when organizing the next Iatefl Peru Academic Event.
Special  thanks to NUTESA , since  they were kind enough , as soon as they knew about this event, through ELTeCS , they volunteer on providing with the presents for the Raffle..Really nice ones !.Our deepest gratitude.

Dec 27, 2012

[ELTeCS_PERU] Happy New Year‏

Dear friends
2012 is coming to an end and the whole world is getting ready to say goodbye to it and welcome the new year. The New Year Resolutions is a tradition that we, teachers of English, may teach our students as part of the interculural baggage of our classes. However, instead of the New Year Resolutions, this time I would like to say goodbye to this year giving Thanks to all the people or institutions who have helped me and other teachers become better in our teaching practice.
First, thanks ELTeCS Peru (Cesar Klauer) and ELTeCS Latin America(Renate Thummler) for providing us with a space to share and to learn about other initiatives, I have certainly made use of both for communication and also for trying out some of the suggestions.
Then, thanks to all those institutions that organized events for teachers of English: TESOL, IATEFL Peru, ICPNA, Language Centre of Universidad del Pacífico, Pearson, Cambridge, Oxford, Richmond, SM, NUTESA, I could not attend them all but I certainly learned a lot from the ones I could participate in.
Thanks very much for the Webinars and Teacher´s Club and foremost thanks to RELO Andes for all the opportunities and webinars, David Fay you are doing an excellent job!!! I participated in the English Village Online early this year and the Web 2.0 in October (both of them online courses) and along the year I have noticed how much this has helped my own practice: For the first time in years I got the courage to start my own personal blog, I have another professional one and have blogs for the classes I run for the Master in TEFL (blended-learning) course at FUNIBER- Universidad de Piura.
Additionally, I started a Facebook account, have an office in Tapped In, have a Prezi professional account, a Voki account, accounts in Voxopop, Voice thread, edublog, LinkedIn. I learned to use Diigo and RSS and am sure that some people who read this will think all this is part of their daily lives not an extraordinary achievement. Believe me for me who am nearing 60 and who belong to the generation of Peace and Love and no machines, having the computer and the Internet as one of my main and favourite aids for teaching is something awesome!!
So thank you very much for allowing me to learn, to meet new people, to be in touch with the ones I love, thanks to my colleagues, my friends and my students for teaching me so much and let´s look forward to 2013 and all the new things that are waiting for us.
Happy New Year to all of you!!!
M. of Ed. Maria Luisa Mu

Dec 1, 2012

[ELTeCS_PERU] Relo Andes-Practicing game

New Trace Effects Video Game Arrives!

Nov 25, 2012 05:16 pm | Andean Region RELO

Christmas came early. Late last week the US Embassy in Lima received a box full of DVDs with 4G worth of a new language learning (to be read “practicing”) game. I hear that our Ecuadoran and Colombian Embassies also received boxes. No doubt those in Venezuela and Bolivia are days away from getting theirs.
So why should an English teacher in the Andean region get excited? First off, you do not need to wait for the DVD to play. You can play online. Just go to American English’s handsome new site and look for “Trace Effects Game” in the top right (see screenshot). I needed to download the Unity Web Player, which took a few seconds, and register, and was then able to begin playing. I joined 162 other registered players (since it keeps score, and I had not begun playing, I was in 162nd on the leader board).

But there’s much more to celebrate. For students, this is finally a game with engaging content AND can be used for low learners. We piloted the game at ICPNA Lima and ICPNA Cusco back in June and found students of all levels could readily navigate Trace through his various adventures with only a jump start. Another exciting aspect of the online version is that they can click on “multiplayer challenge” and compete in four different word-building games with other players around the world.
For teachers, the game has lots of extras. Look for the “Helpful Links” tab and click on the“Trace Effects Adventure Ning.” After a painless registration, you have access to a Forum where you can discuss how best to use TA with your students. Soon, you will also be able to watch the ‘how to’ webinars on TA if you miss the live version. You can find a calendar at the ‘webinar information’ tab. But perhaps most helpful is the ‘Trace Teacher Resources’ tab, with downloadable worksheets and a behemoth teachers’ manual.
In the Andean region we will be rolling out the DVD version over the next three months. Priorities include Access sites, Bi-National Centers (under Z-A extras, click on ‘BNCs’), universities with pre-service programs, alumni of E-Teacher courses, and, eventually, all public schools with computers that students can access. If you are interested in helping with the roll-out, write to us at