Apr 15, 2010

Trying to find a job in Peru, finding long hours and secret salaries

This week Victoria Lugovskaya writes about her job search difficulties as a new expat in Peru. It's quite different from the ways things are done back in Moscow. Lugovskaya writes about curious CV submission conventions, little transparency for salary offers and even some confusion by managers about the numbers of hour in a work week. “Listen, the official work time is 48 hours a week,” explained the director. “Maximum?” “Minimum. It’s according to Peruvian law.” Readers, both Peruvians and foreigners, will surely empathize with some of what Victoria says. But she also leaves on a positive note about the Peruvian work ethic: “What I like about Peruvians’ attitude to work is their sense of commitment and global understanding that work is important – to earn a living and to help each other.”