Jan 25, 2017

Your Schrole Newsletter for January

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My New School & Me. 
A Perfect Match?

My favourite story about turning up on the first day to a new school has a fairy tale feel and a 'gift' from the last person to leave the year before.

The teacher who told the story was very excited about getting in and establishing learning centres and creating a great environment for the students. She weaved her way through a forest of construction equipment until she came to the door of her room. On opening the door, it was clear that the "not too hard" and "not too soft" furnishings had become the perfect place for the security staff to find a few quiet minutes in their busy schedule... for a sleep.

And as with all good fairy tales, there was someone asleep in the bedding right then. The ogre-level snoring made sure that it wasn't too much of a problem to find the sleeping body, but it wasn't the perfect first entry to the new room.

It got a little worse when a milk carton sitting on the desk was picked up and found to contain something that used to be milk. A long time ago. Who would have guessed that such a small package could emit such a powerful aroma? Dropping it on the floor because of the stench wasn't the best way to remove the thoughtful parting gift from the room either.

Not all first days in the school are like that.

The events of the first day are always an indication of the overall environment. Stuff doesn't happen by accident and making a good decision before the first day will go a long way to ensuring you aren't covered in stale dairy products.

Choosing the right school is a process. It starts with knowing what type of school suits you.


Jan 3, 2017

[ELTeCS_PERU] CTS Fourth Summer Course

Dear colleagues
Happy New Year!!!
At CTS we are really proud of being members of the ELT community where we know each other and most of all, help each other. 

We closed our Academic events of 2016 with a workshop on Activities to develop skills for the 21st Century and were really touched to see how much our colleagues invest in terms of time and effort to attend all our events. We have teachers who have attended almost the nine events and new teachers who have just joined our CTS family.
Please follow the link to the video: https://animoto.com/play/eIDJQq7lAEQ0QO7mLLhNRQ
This new year brings lots of challenges in education, that is why we would like to begin it inviting you to our Fourth Summer Course. As usual, the first week is modular and face-to-face (Jan 16 to 20th) and the remaining weeks will be developed online where you will have to put into practice the ICT tools that will be presented in the face-to-face session to deal with the tasks from the different modules.
We always take into account our participants´ requests and that is why this year we are offering the following modules:
  • 21st Century Skills
  • ICT in the classroom
  • Writing: the neglected skill
  • Supporting learning for children and teens
  • New trends in classroom methodology
We look forward to hearing from you soon since, as you know, we work with small groups and there are now few seats left.
All the best
M.Ed. Maria Luisa Mu
Academic Director 
Customized Training Services