Feb 28, 2017

Featured School: MiSK

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Featured  SchoolsMiSK SCHOOLS
We get it. 
Saudi Arabia is not on the top of everyone's list of places to live. And a photo of coastline is not your typical introduction to the Kingdom. 
But take a moment and think about this.
The MiSK Foundation  was established by HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman to focus on Saudi youth and new methods of fostering talent, nurturing potential, and enabling innovation. The guiding principles are commitment, impact, and integrity. That should resonate with a lot of teachers.

The school operates as a not-for-profit institution and offers a good package to employees.

The administration are experienced international educators and have committed themselves to building a strong professional culture. Being a part of a young school offers many opportunities to make a real difference. Isn't that why you became a teacher in the first place?

And that photo is from the Kingdom. There is a rich maritime history as well as the desert traditions.

What do you have to lose by finding out more? 
Think Different and see where the road can take you.   

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