Jun 5, 2015

[ELTeCS_PERU] Books books books and more books (only for book worms)

Sometimes it is difficult and expensive to find books in English here in the city of Lima. There are some shops that carry some titles -mainly mass market paperbacks of best sellers- that is why this piece of intelligence goes up in value. Tomorrow, in the Church of the Good Shepherd -Santa Cruz 491 Miraflores, from 10 am to 2 pm- there is going to be a second-hand book fair. It´s not the first time they have it. In fact, I have been there before and have been lucky to find excellent titles at incredible prices (they used to be three for S/. 10!!!). The hall is arranged so that the books wait for you spine-up on large tables, the eager readers line up and examine them, pick the ones they like and proceed to pay one of the volunteer ladies at the door. After that you may go home and start your reading, or you may want to sit at the tables at the back of the hall and have tea or scones or a sandwich or just hang around and talk to the book lovers who gather that day. I´ll be there early in the morning so that I can grab the good ones before they go away to other hands!
See you!
Cesar Klauer

Cesar Klauer

[ELTeCS_PERU] Scholarships for the 50th Annivesary IATEFL Conference in UK

Dear Colleagues,

Come on! Have a go !!! This year we have TWO Scholarships for Latin America..!and many more opportunities

List of Scholarships

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Please see our current list of scholarships for the the 50th anniversary conference in Birmingham 2016 below. For information on how to apply, please click here.

Please note that for those who need to submit a speaker proposal as part of their application, the speaker proposal form will be available from the beginning of June along with the guidelines.

Africa Scholarship

BESIG Facilitators Scholarship

BESIG IATEFL 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Bill Lee Scholarship

Eastbourne School of English - Graham Smith Scholarship

ESOL SIG Conference Scholarship

Gillian Porter Ladousse Scholarship

Gill Sturtridge First-Time Speaker Scholarship

GISIG Esther Lucas Scholarship

IELTS Morgan Terry Memorial IATEFL Scholarship

International House Brita Haycraft Better Spoken English

International House Global Reach Scholarship

International House John Haycraft Classroom Exploration Scholarship

International House Training and Development

Latin America Scholarship

Leadership and Management SIG Scholarship

Learning Technologies SIG Diana Eastment Scholarship

Learning Technologies SIG Travel Scholarship

LT123 Brazil Scholarship

NATESOL Teacher Development Scholarship

One Dragon Scholarships

Onestopenglish Scholarship

Oxford University Press ELT Journal Scholarship

Ray Tongue Scholarship

St Giles Paul Lindsay Scholarship

Teacher Development SIG Michael Berman Scholarship

Testing, Evaluation and Assessment SIG Scholarship

The English Language Centre, Brighton - Robert O'Neill Scholarship

Trinity College London Language Examinations Scholarship

Trinity College London Teacher Trainer Scholarship

Vladimir Vnukov Scholarship