Sep 7, 2009

ELTeCS_PERU] Limenos Deserve Better Public Transportation - Peru This Week, 112th edition

Limenos Deserve Better Public Transportation

Yesterday’s strike among the drivers of about 80,000 buses and taxis turned Lima into a Paradise when all the poorly maintained, horrible looking, and rusted out vehicles that typically prowl the streets were barred entry. Not since the APEC meetings back in November has Lima been so nice to get around and I hope that the government and the police are going to enforce their laws, write bus drivers a ticket if they break them, and confiscate their vehicles if they fail to pay.

As our minister of Transportation and Communication Enrique Cornejo yesterday so correctly said, “if you don’t break the law, you don’t have anything to worry about.”
The Municipality of Lima should concentrate on creating a new public transportation plan for Lima and to offer safe passage for all. It's time they finished the Metro that Alan Garcia started back in 1980’s. They should also consider purchasing 5.000 new buses to replace all the old and unsafe vehicles which are currently being allowed to drive around all over Lima.
The rumor is that many bus companies are owned by members of congress and police officers, which perhaps makes the above suggestion an impossible mission. But wouldn’t it be nice if we all could travel around Lima like people do in other great cities around the world, in comfort and without fear of faulty vehicles or overcrowding? Starting August 14, citizens of Lemvig in Denmark will be able to take the bus for free, as the municipality figured out that there was no money to be made from public transportation!
I hope that those using the buses will one day go on strike and demand that the police all over Peru enforce the existing traffic laws to secure passengers a safe and comfortable journey to and from work or wherever they wish to go within this great country. After all, it's the passengers who ultimately dictate how public transportation in Lima should be, and the good people of this great city deserve to be treated MUCH better.


    Well,I think Public Transportation in Lima is chaotic due to the great corruption in the institutions that are related to these means of transport such as the Ministry, National Police, transport operators and users, ie this is a cultural problem where prime the chaos because honestly there is not authority that oversees both to the Municipality ,as the National Police and the general public.
    One of the advantages of public transport is that people can be transported from one place to another, however, these means of transport are poor and there are not other means of mass transportation such as the subways, and the train .
    Another advantage is the modernization of some buses that are with gas system and prevent the air pollution, however, the most vehicles do not have that system and generate pollution in addition to generate diseases such as asthma ,among others diseases.On the other hand, this mode of transport is unsafe because the most of vehicles are old or do not have the properly maintained, causing with it any accidents.

    Unfortunately we can not compare us with developed Countries, where laws are respected and implemented both the pedestrians and the authorities that steal ,but the transport situation can improve in our Country , educating and punishing any type of immorality,applying the same law for all without distinction.

  2. Anónimo dijo... Katherine Lino Bravo

    I am totally agre with this report because Public tranportation in Lima is very bad. There are two big problems about it: the old vehicles with their consequences, and the little respect that poeople have from trnsportation laws.

    first The vehicles in Lima are very old and that, in my opinon, is a time pump. For example everyday We can see busses and cars that are ejecting gas and contaminating our country also hurt our health. Really I do not know what wait The goverment to start to do something.

    Although the public transportation vehicles are not reliables, more frustrating than It, yet is see how people pay or try to bribe the police without any respect for the Transportation laws.

    Despite the rules does not respect and that The goverment does not do something, The most important is our health and our Planet. I know that if eachone do something to change this situation We can see soon good results.

  3. Silvia Alarcón

    I have just read the notice about the Public Transportation published in your web page. I agree, it is a headache and a chaos in Lima city.
    It is a big trouble that pedestrians suffer for many reasons.
    First, exists many irresponsible and unaware drivers; the drivers sometimes are drunken when they drive their cars. Nevertheless, the Government knows about this facts but it does not do anything to improvements this bad situation. Other trouble are many old cars pass on the streets causing traffic jam, air pollution and a lot of regrettable crashes on the motorway, besides the old cars pollute the environment.
    Recently, the Government has decided to do some important changes in the Public Transportation, It has created “THE METROPOLITANO”. It will bring our transport many improvements in the future. The Government has already bought many big buses to start this project.
    I hope this project becomes a reality soon, and public transport more orderly and not remain a headache for all Lima

  4. kevin prudencio
    Well firstly I'd like to say that public transportation in this country of ours is a total chaos.

    Some simple examples are vans which are most concerned to fill the shift until I say stop and not reach their destination on time, in the case of the buses are very slow and above all the taxis not to delay but its rate is very expensive.
    I guess everyone will have heard on''The Metropolitan'', the most modern transport that is just now in Lima.

    There are at least half decent and safe transport to travel.