Sep 7, 2009

[ELTeCS_PERU] Free downloadable books

Dear ELTeCS PERU Members

Surfing the Oxford University Press website, I came across a bunch of FREE books ready to download. Below is the information as itr appears on the site; to gain access, you must log in (create a free account in the Teachers´club) and trhen you´re set up.

Free downloadable books

Below is a list of free downloadable Applied Linguistics books. You can browse the contents tables, download the PDF format files, and even print out chapters of interest!

An Applied Linguistic Approach To Discourse Analysis by Professor Henry Widdowson

On the occasion of Professor Henry Widdowson's 70th birthday, we are offering this unpublished Ph.D. thesis free to download, making this classic linguistic text accessible to a wider audience for the first time.

Conditions for Second Language Learning by Professor Bernard Spolsky

Explorations in Applied Linguistics by Professor Henry Widdowson

Explorations in Applied Linguistics 2  by Professor Henry Widdowson

Learning Purpose and Language Use  by Professor Henry Widdowson

Second Language Pedagogy by Dr N S Prabhu

OUP´s website is at:  ; choose Peru and then click on the ELT orange icon, next, click on the Teachers´club section and follow instructions. You´ll be able to see the free resources and access them easily.

Cesar Klauer

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