Apr 8, 2016


Logo Britanico nuevoI.       Read the questions and circle the correct answer.

1.         When was William Shakespeare born?
            1498                                       1564                                       1895

 2.        Where was Shakespeare born?
Stratford-upon-Avon                        Cambridge                               Oxford
3.         How many plays did Shakespeare write?
 8                                            38                                            108
4.         How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
154                                          14                                           38
5.         What's the name of the ‘Shakespeare theatre' in London?
            The World Theatre                 The Old Theatre                    The Globe Theatre
6.         ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’ is from which play?
As You Like It                                     Henry V                                Hamlet

cut   pay   went   hide   loses   get   had   fight

II.      Fill the gaps with a verb from the box.

1.         William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway _______________ three children.
2.         Shakespeare _______________ to London to work as an actor and a writer.
3.         This play is about the idea that people usually _______________ what they deserve in the end.
4.         If Antonio doesn’t _______________ back this money in time something terrible will happen.
5.         Shylock will _______________ off a piece of his body.
6.         Antonio _______________ all his business.
7.         People _______________ in a beautiful forest.
 8.        Why do men _______________?  
Adapted from: www.britishcouncil.org/learnenglishteens

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