Dec 28, 2015

Fwd: The Perfect Place to Spend Christmas- Winning Articles

First Place

THE PERFECT PLACE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS by Noelia Arcondo Vargas (San Borja. Advanced 6- 4:00pm)

Imagine the perfect place to spend a memorable Christmas, which you can share with the people you love, having fun and getting to know the authentic meaning of this celebration.

In Apurimac, located in the Peruvian Andes, you can live the true spirit of Christmas.  It is there where all temples show the nativity scene of Jesus in many creative ways inspiring peace and love. In this city, Christmas celebration is not only on the 25th of December, but actually from the beginning of December. Since then, you can feel and breathe Christmas mood; the streets are decorated with the typical coloured lights, there is advent celebration in the churches and tourists can enjoy dances and songs of consecration performed by the local people.

Spending Christmas in Apurimac renovates people’s hearts, filling them with joy and peace. This happens away from the common place which is full of problems, pollution and the greed for material possessions growing in our heart. In my personal experience, I must admit that travelling to Apurimac in these dates would make you feel as a little child expecting those new experiences that you will live.

Second Place

SHOULDN’T YOU COME BACK TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU WERE ONCE HAPPY? by Hugo Martel (Pueblo Libre. Advanced 4- 4:00pm)

From all the places I have been to, Göttingen is my favourite. I spent two and a half years there and I met the most interesting people I will ever know.

When Christmas arrives, the whole city turns into a big Christmas market. All around the place you can find colourful stalls, where they sell this delicious, traditional, cherry flavoured wine. However, what impressed me the most was the play show at the city hall every single year. As you get into the room, you’re given special effects, such as lights and whistles, so you can be part of the performance. For me, it was the first time I felt part of something bigger than me. A ball closes the night as the Town’s highest social event.

Having to spend Christmas away from my family was really hard for me. But I never felt lonely. Do you know why? Surrounded by heart-warming people in such a wonderful place with a huge variety of activities, how could ever feel lonely? From that moment on, this city became my family. 

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