Mar 11, 2015

[ELTeCS_PERU] The British Council is back

Dear ELTeCS PERU Members
The British Council is back. The news had been around for some time already but the official presentation had not occured until yesterday.
I am reporting this event indirectly, (since I was not part of the list of guests to the Embassy) and because I found out from a friend who posted a photo on Facebook today.
As you know this ELTeCS PERU group was started by me on behalf of the BC several years ago (if you read carefully, the group is introduced as being owned by the BC not me) and was kept active, even though the BC office in Lima closed, in an effort to keep their spirit alive among us teachers of English.
In any case, it is good news that the BC is back in town, and of course ELTeCS will go on no matter what.
Welcome back BC.

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