Jun 25, 2014

[ELTeCS_PERU] American Studies Circle

From 1 to 13 June, 2014, the RELO office of the US Embassy sponsored the visit of Dr Thomas Byers, University of Louisvile, to give a series of talks on US Culture, film and literature and to lead the annual ELT Ugrade event oganized by the RELO office, hosted by UDEP Lima this year. The main objective was to activate interest in the application of literature in the language classroom based on the belief that a deeper understanding of the English seaking culture(s) will help us foreigners understand the peope(s) who speak that language. We teachers of Engish concentrate too much on the language itself, that is, in teaching skills, grammar and vocabulary but neglect the cultural component that every language carries. The speakers of a language speak the way they do because they belong to a culture and express themselves in that way, knowing their culture is a key element in learning a language. Also we believe that applying literature and other cultural manifestations is not a question of fashion or another technique, but a question of conviction. In other words, we use literature in class because we are passionate about it, we are eager readers, we always have a book under our arm and we want our students to be readers too. The prospects for this type of attitude towards teaching are good. We have many plans that will develop in time, given the fact that we can light a spark in as many teachers as possible. That is why we invite you to become a member of the new Facebook goup American Studies Circle. The members of this group will engage in book discussions, share experiences, materials and ideas in using literature and cuture in our classes and will try to "infect" other teachers with the literature/ cuture virus. If you feel you want to be one of us, you´re welcome to join. Find us and ask to be a member.

Cesar Klauer

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