May 30, 2013

[ELTeCS_PERU] What are you missing on ELTeCS PERU at Facebook?????

Dear ELTeCS Colleagues and Friends

You may be wondering what has happened to ELTeCS PERU? You don´t get the email alerts as often as before? Has ELTeCS PERU gone to sleep? Well, no, we haven´t gone to sleep...but we are in the process of moving the activity to a better platform: Facebook. That does not mean we´ll stop sending email alerts like this one, no, BUT we´ll be using FB as the main communication medium, this email group will get alerts once a week or so and only with a brief "taster" of the activity of the period (like today´s post). So if you don´t want to miss any more great ideas and be in touch with what happens in the ELT World, log on to Facebook and find us HERE

See you!


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