Dec 31, 2012

[ELTeCS_PERU] Fw: Report: ELT in Peru:Where up tp now?‏

Report on the IATEFL-PERU FORUM:
It is with great pleasure that we want to share about the last IATEFL-PERU academic  event FORUM :ELT in PERU : Where up to now? which took place on December 18th at Universidad de Piura .
We started with Miss Caceda´s  Presentaction : A Snapshot on becoming an ELT teacher in Peru: Are we Replicating or Transforming our Practices? –a brilliant interactive session where the various models to educate teachers of English,a) the craft model, (b) the science model, and (c) the reflective practitioner model were revisited and there was reflection on what it is best according to our socio-cultural and economical contexts.
We continued with the FORUM,being the Panelists: Miss Norma Vecorena Minedu Consultant. Miss Marcela Raffo RELO-ANDES-U.S.A Embassy, Mr Juio Valladares,Universidad DePiura Language Centre Director, Mr VictorHugo Rojas, Univesidad Nacional de Educación‘Enrique Guzman y Valle ‘ Teacher and Teacher Trainer , Manuel Salas, Teacher at Licenciatura Program,UNMSM.
We couldn’t be prouder of having  the above ELT professionals as Panelists in  this  important ELT issue, since we were nurtured with very interesting and challenging points of view, specially on the self –determination in improving personal and proffesionally in our field.
Then we had the questions and answers time , after that paticipants worked in teams and writing  drafts of Project Propsal, briefly ones, this was the most important part since we could se an outcome, which  will take into account when organizing the next Iatefl Peru Academic Event.
Special  thanks to NUTESA , since  they were kind enough , as soon as they knew about this event, through ELTeCS , they volunteer on providing with the presents for the Raffle..Really nice ones !.Our deepest gratitude.

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