Jul 1, 2012

[ELTeCS_PE​RU] The situation of English

Dear All

I knew that the posting by Luis Negrini was going to raise opinions. I am glad.

My comment is on the level of English needed to become a teacher. I know this is controversial but it is in fact an issue that has caused many aired reactions in the past. My personal opinion and feeling is that an A2 level, as suggested by a member of the group in a previous email, is way too basic. A2 corresponds to KET in the Cambridge system, or to be more specific ELEMENTARY, and being myself an examiner for these tests, I find it difficult to accept that anybody with that kind of level could be a teacher. Remember that you can´t give what you don´t have, in other words, what is somebody going to teach if s/he doesn´t have the knowledge her/himself?

Keep the activity in the list and propose other topics if you like.

See you at IATEFL next week end!

Cesar Klauer

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