Jan 3, 2011

[ELTeCS_PERU] What makes a good professional teacher?

With the beginning of not only a new year but a new decade, the question in the title of this blog  entry is more than pertinent, specially for those of us who are convinced that improving is the only way to go. Now, when we start a fresh, is the best time to sit down at the beach (lucky you!), breathe the ocean flavoured air, listen to the seagulls and the rumour of the waves , relax and talk to ourselves, intimately.



  1. Particularly I think the first thing you have to have a teacher is the vocation of teaching students without this is impossible to become a good teacher, this should go hand in hand to have a good knowledge of the subject, as a teacher is not updated, which are not investigated, neither encourages research, runs the risk of being in the oblivion of their students.

    Arq. José Luis B.

  2. in my opinion, i think the first thing is the vocation, be patient and be very sure if it is that you want. And when you are a teacher always improve the vocabulary, don't forget get more information about the new technics of teaching, maybe change something wrong for understanding the students.
    Always be better.

    Janet Carranza Rosalino

  3. I think that the desire of getting better has to make you reach a newer and better outcome in the world of the proactive teacher... by being intimate you can search your own inside and realise about your current situation in the best and most productive way....the one that lets you go to the next level for the benefit of your students.

    Karen Gutierrez