Nov 19, 2010

One thousand pedestrians fined on first day of Peru's new transit code

More than 1,000 pedestrians fined

Some pedestrians were surprised. Others unexpectedly laughed or, in the worst cases, became terribly annoyed.


  1. I think that is important for the pedestrians to know how to respect the rules of transit, because many people is careless and it´s the reason that happen many accidents in the streets. Nicole Colmenares García.

  2. In Peru, the principal problem of the transit accidents are the pedestrians because they cross by avenues nonauthorized, they are customary to cross when the traffic ligth this in green and they aren`t to use the bridge for to cross a faster avenue when they should do that..! Claudia R.

  3. "I agree with the new Public Transit Code is good because help us to prevent accidents
    caused by pedestrian negligence"

    Atte Jane Jhosselin Orrillo Valdez

  4. I think is really hard to teach the people,how to croos the strets.when they are in a hurry don't respect the laws sometimes also you can see parents with their children running from one place to another without realizen that the lighs has changed.
    I think that we should teach first our kids at home. traffic tickets are not the solution .Itis hard to say but in Peru we also have bad drivers they don't care about other people all they want is make money.The traficc in Lima is terrible.I would like the next goverment change this situacion.ANA

  5. That`s true ,currently the pedestrian fines have been introduced by the government the las six days ,It is a good Strategy of the government to make that the people will be more responsability when go out at house!!!

    Jonathan Caceres Arones

  6. I agree with that law, but first we have to understand the real problem: the drivers and the pedestrians. It´s a fact we have a lot of cars and the strets are colapsed, and we have fine for the drivers who drive in bad way, but the other problem are the pedestrians. They cross the streets when the cars are moving, and exposed his life, and contribute with the problem. The other consideration is there no exist many pedestrians bridges to cross the streets, for that reason the people cross in any place. To change this situation, is necessary to the Goverment to build more pedestrians bridges, and then educate the people to use in the correct form the pedestrians cross and pedestrians bridges, and of course educate the drivers, that is the reason we put fine for both of them, but the most important factor is the education, in our homes and in the schools.
    Marco Antonio