Oct 13, 2010

Mario Vargas Llosa wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

On Oct. 7, quite early in the morning, the call from the Swedish Academy surprised him in his New York apartment. He thought it was a joke. After so many years with his name on the bets, the Peruvian writer did not even remember that it was in early October that the greatest literary prize is announced. And this time it was his turn. At 74 years old, the author of “The Green House” receives an acknowledgement that all Latin Americans were demanding for him for the last three decades. In Peru, every journalist dreamt of writing this headline: “Mario Vargas Llosa obtains the Literature Nobel Prize.” Finally.



  1. HI teacher, this is mi comment:
    I think Mario Vargas LLosa is a leyend, is a intelligent person because he has been able to write a lot of poems, histories and win the nobel prize of literature. He works a lot to win this prize, he dedicated all his life in literature and for that he publicated his books for people read them. In my opinion was not easy to win this nobel but with effort and dedication he could to achieve all his objectives.

  2. Good Night,
    For Peru, Mario Vargas is not only the writer is also the man who give all his effort to be a good represent of Peru. His passion for writting and for defending his thoughts and ideals made him a example of life.
    The nobel prize is the cherry on the cake becuase he won many prize until this nomination.
    Have any person had doubt of it?

    Magaly Quiroz

  3. I think Mario Vargas Llosa is one of the best writers in the world,
    like peruvians we should feel proud to him, also he always wanted the
    best for his country. He didnt agree with Fujimori Government and APRA
    Government, unfortunately the peruvians lost a great president. Our
    country needed this change to get out of the ignorance, poverty, and
    under development.


  4. in my opinion, Mario Vargas Llosa is one of the best writer of the world, he is best known for his beautiful literary works rather than his controversial. And also because it was time he received the Nobel Prize of literature, after being on the waiting list of nominees for a long time. Also I think it is just the recognition for his career as writer.

    Gabriela García

  5. In my opinion, Mario Vargas Llosa is an exquisite writer.
    The basis of their literary quality are the two classic pillars of good storyteller: the ability to create believable characters, plausible, solid, and a special domain of language.
    Vargas Llosa is also known as a defender of the ideals of a free society.

    Rosemarie Ortiz
    For this reason,he won the Nobel Prize, as other awards in previous years.

  6. Personally, I think Maria Vargas Llosa is a good writer. I've read "La Cuidad y los Perros", "El pez en el agua" and "La fiesta del chivo" and in my opinion they are excellent books. MVLL has won a lot of prizes but let's be real the Nobel prize is the maximun galardon for any writer so I'm very proud because this prize was won by one of the best peruvians writers. And honestly it was time! =)

  7. Nicole:

    well...i don't know a lot of good literature, but is proud that a Peruvian face of our country is widely recognized as the novel prize

  8. Mario Vargas Llosa, since he began his literary career at age 16 in 1952 to date has not been arrested in literary works give us a better than others, which has earned for him to be awarded the Nobel Prize in literature this year (2010).

    Vargas Llosa published his first book, Heads (1959), with twenty-three years just, and the novel The City and the Dogs (1962) and earned a reputation among writers who was then gestated the impending "boom" Latin American literature . He established his residence first in Paris and then London (1867), where he moved to Washington and Puerto Rico.

    In 1977 he became member of the Peruvian Academy of Language and professor at the Simon Bolivar Professor at Cambridge. Democratic Front party driver, Mario Vargas Llosa himself as head of the list in the Peruvian elections of 1990, which was defeated by Alberto Fujimori. He currently teaches at Princeton University.

    Quite a character today.

    Daniel Valle