Oct 24, 2010

[ELTeCS_PERU] American VS British English

Whenever I meet somebody and they know I am a teacher of English, they ask me if I teach American or British. I try to explain that those two are variations of basically the same language, but they looke at me with an expert air to which anybody can hardly find a good answer, I mean... people will believe whatever they want, won´t they?



  1. Hello, I'm Behn from Euroidiomas. I've watched the video and I find it funny.
    I've recognized the slangs they've used and I can name them. Ellen, who is American, used the following slangs: Flossing (which means show off), bonka donka donk (which means an extremely curved female) and shawty (which means a young kid or a woman). Hugh Laurie, who is british, used the following slangs: chin wag (show of) and Chuffed to bits (to be really pleased).
    I've had american friends and I know plenty of american slangs and I can swear that I've never heard such slangs. That't it.

  2. Good Evening, i'm Milagros García from Euroidiomas.
    The video is very intereting and funny.
    I saw the difference meanings of the slangs.
    The meanings and the pronunciation is very difference.

  3. Prof. Giovanni:

    How are you? I'm David from Euroidiomas. Regarding the video, Ellen Degeneres with paper in hand, tells Hugh Laurie is going to talk some American slang to see how much he knows. Laurie accepts, because he then with paper in hand he will say some British slang. No hit, sounds a noise like a horn. If successful (which does not happen) would sound like a tin tin. The word that caught my attention was "Ba Donka Donk" ja ja ja, meaning a woman of tremendous hips. So Laurie also excited and says, "It's a fantastic word". I also think it's a fantastic word.

  4. Hiiiiiiiiiii :), This video it`s very very well because the meanings and the pronunciation is very different, good work .

  5. Hi!, the article was interesting and great! and the video I find it very funny and amazing!! for me is important and nessesary understand differences between American English and British English.

  6. It's really interesting how the english language change with years. Every place has his own phrases and that is not bad because enriches the English lenguage. That is happening with all the lenguages in the world.

    Renzo Saldarriaga