May 30, 2010

How much does Peru pay for corruption?

Peru has lost 3 to 4 percent of GDP annually because of graft and corrupt — since 1820 — according to a recent book. Does it have to be this way? Columnist Leon Trahtemberg weighs in..


  1. The corruption is a big problem in our country, there are more people who run as candidate in the congress, looking for their profits and when they get a place there, waste the Peruvian population's money.
    Nowadays, there are less suitable congressmen who work for change our country and the corruption has increased considerably, that's why for the next presidential and parliamentary elections, we must be serious at the time to give our vote and think before to elect our candidate.


  2. The corruption in our country is really an endemic disease which origin started with the lack of values inside of families, like the cell of the society, that problem is a continuous ciclic problem without an ending part, because in a big part by the poverty of our education system.
    The corruption is part of our daily life and when we refered to the politicians or the instruments of our leaders, inmediatly we relationed with the corruption.
    Probably that was a problem during all our republic life, but the solution is near from us if we centered our efforts in change the education and the values, teaching these at the students, with special campaigns in all the families in our country for to try to rescue that neccesary lost values for to do away with the corruption.

    Written by: Israel