Apr 29, 2010

Getting health care in Peru

You may have moved to Peru and life is great. But what happened to your health care plan? This week Rodney Dodig, pictured here, tells us about his experience getting a yearly health plan at Clinica Good Hope for $285. Since then, Rodney has visited the clinic and has been impressed with the service — in English — and the up-to-date equipment. Read more about this health care option in Lima. (Note: This is not an endorsement for Clinica Good Hope, but rather one person's experience.)

Are you trying to quit smoking? Back in February Carsten Korch's father was visiting Lima and decided to give laser therapy a try. Freedom Terapias Láser is a U.S. franchise with a branch in Lima. After four sessions of treatment, Mr. Korch Sr. is back in Denmark and still abstaining from smoking (although still suffering from withdrawal). Read more about this new procedure to quit smoking.


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