Feb 17, 2010

Climate Change: Taking an active role in Peru to preserve the planet

Since 1990, the planet has seen its highest average temperatures ever. Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries to this because of the great amount of glaciers the territory has. And, as a response to that, various organizations are taking active roles of prevention. International groups have created numerous approaches to counteract the effects of climate change. But to guarantee a positive result, they need to get people involved in this global matter. So the question remains: Why isn’t everyone involved yet? In this analysis, Roxana OrmeƱo talks to environmentalists about what campaigns are being done in Peru, and what ordinary citizens can do to live environmentally sound.


  1. Nowadays it's a global issue. I agree with taking a active role in order to counteract the effects of climate change but It seems that it's not easy because there are some companies wich don't care about our planet and continue to pollute the environment. The goverment must be very strict in its decisions so that these companies follow the rules about the protecting of the environment. I hope people take into concious because more ahead it will be very late.


  2. Reruvian enviroment has diversity of climates. This diversity of climates is very sensible to change of temperatures, and in the last years whole world began to suffer highest average temperatures as a result of global warming. If the temperature increases Peru soon will lose their glaciars, and this is one of the atractive for tourist.

  3. There is not time, the Earth , our planet, needs our help inmediatly; if we don´t understand the signs like the changes in the climate and put our all efforts for to work in get a change in our emissions and build a totality concious about reduce our waste, reuse all the things what are factible to recover and recycle our waste probably the tomorrow don´t exist more.
    Peru, a wonderful country with marvel natural resources is suffering the consequences of this changes, quickly our glaciars are dissapeared and the consequences are present through the droughtin our highlands.
    Really we have a big work, all the Peruvians must drive the concious in our leaders, but first we need to work in our customs.

    Written by: Israel Enriquez