Oct 8, 2009

"I'm sick and tired of being considered as the worst team" says Peru's soccer player Juan Vargas

Peruvian soccer player Juan Vargas said today “This has been a very bad year for Peru. There is no inferiority complex here, but it is better that the qualifiers comes finally to an end. All this talking is damaging for the national team. It is better to be quiet and just play these two remaining games (against Argentine and Bolivia) and get back to our clubs", said "El Loco" (“The Insane”) at the press conference at Videna.

"The truth is that we are not well rated anywhere. We are the worst, the losers in South America. I am sick and tired of being treated like this", added Vargas.

Juan Manuel said also that Peruvian footballers need to be more confident if they want to succeed in their careers.

He finally said he does not care if the River Plate Stadium is full for Saturday match "because I like to play like this at visit".

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  1. for me Juan Vargas is the best player the national peruvian team. he always playing very good all the games. the team has make new boy player think in future. the game with argentina been interesting in the second time. almost cry all argentina.the stadium are full people
    the referi help the national team argentina.
    the national team peruvian has end game the local with the national bolivian team will peruvian team win the game

  2. I agree, Juan Vargas is the best soccer player from Peru, also is the cutest.
    Since he started as player he showed very friendly and confident.

    On the other hand we are the worst in South America. We have spent a lot of money on soccer but we haven´t receive any success, maybe is time to do the best for other game like volleyball.

    Gaby L.

  3. I agree, Juan Vargas is the best soccer player and is the cutest.

    Since he started as player years ago he always shows friendly and confident. He doesn’t have the fame in his head.

    Now the Peruvian soccer is the worst in South America, we don’t have a good team, we are spending a lot of money in this matter, maybe is time to give a chance a other activity like volleyball.

    Any way, Juan Vargas is awesome.
    Gaby L,

  4. I think that Juan Vargas is a professional football, a man with personal quality. If our athletes that were infected pride to the national jersey the results would be others.
    Our location in the world rankings would be different.
    Congratulations to this fine Peruvian player.
    Peru top friends
    Agustin Aguirre